TCustomIBCDataSet Class

A base class that defines InterBase functionality for a dataset.

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TCustomIBCDataSet = class(TCustomDADataSet);


TCustomIBCDataSet is a component that defines InterBase functionality for a dataset. TCustomIBCDataSet can execute queries, fetch rows and controls InterBase specific data types. Applications never use TCustomIBCDataSet objects directly. Instead they use the descendants of TCustomIBCDataSet, such as TIBCQuery, TIBCStoredProc and TIBCTable, which inherit its database-related properties and methods.

TIBCQuery provides insert, delete and update operations on records by dynamically generated SQL statements. It uses TCustomDADataSet.KeyFields property to build SQL statements for the SQLDelete, SQLInsert and SQLUpdate properties if they were empty before updating the database.

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