Debugging an SQL Script

This topic explains how to debug SQL scripts using a debugger integrated into dbForge Fusion for SQL Server.

To debug an SQL script:

  1. Open the required script in the SQL editor.
  2. On the Devart - Debug menu, click Start.
  3. Set a breakpoint for your statement by clicking the gray margin next to the SET statement.

If a statement is invalid, an error message appears in the error list, though debugging process continues. The debugging of an SQL script can be suspended by clicking the Pause command. You can also use different step commands of the Debug menu to trace an SQL script.

To debug an SQL script, you do not need any special privileges, except for the privileges, required for execution of the script statements.

If an SQL script contains call of another script with the SOURCE command, you can use the Step Into command to step into the called script. If this script contains breakpoints, execution stops on these breakpoints. The Call Stack window shows stack of the script calls.

You can use the Watches window to view server and session variables during SQL script debugging.