Creating and Editing a Query

This topic explains how to create and edit an SQL query in Fusion for MySQL.

To create a query:

  1. Create a server connection.
  2. On the Fusion menu, select New SQL.
  3. Start typing a query to a database.
  4. Click Execute or press CTRL+F5 to see the query results.

Coding Techniques Example

The Fusion for MySQL SQL editor provides many features that make it easier for you to write and manage your code. Let’s explore some Intellisense features that assist you while coding.

We are going to create a sample query. In this example we will use the sakila database. Let’s display all the films stored in the sakila database, that were released after 2004.

  1. Open the SQL Editor.
  2. Start typing the SELECT statement. Enter first three letters sel. Fusion for MySQL shows you the list of the relevant keywords and snippets. You can select the SELECT keyword from the list and press ENTER. The keyword appears in the SQL editor. You can also select the Sel snippet from the list and press the TAB button. In this case the SELECT * FROM statement appears in the SQL editor.