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    dotConnect for Oracle is licensed, not sold. Please read carefully our end-user license agreement (EULA) before using the product. You can find the EULA in the installation folder, which is by default
    \Program Files\Devart\dotConnect\Oracle\License.rtf,
    or in the Start menu (Start\Programs\Devart dotConnect for Oracle\License).


    There are three types of full licenses for dotConnect for Oracle: Single Licenses, Team Licenses, and Site Licenses.

    Single Licenses must be purchased for each developer working on a project that uses dotConnect for Oracle.

    Purchasing a Team License automatically gives four developers a Single License.

    Purchasing a Site License automatically gives all developers in a company a Single License.

    For evaluation purposes only, you may also use dotConnect for Oracle Trial Edition under a temporary Evaluation License, which allows you to use dotConnect for Oracle Trial Edition for a period of 30 days, after which you must either remove all files associated with dotConnect for Oracle or purchase a full license.

    To purchase a license for dotConnect for Oracle, please visit


    Full licenses can be purchased for the following editions of dotConnect for Oracle: Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Developer Edition, Mobile Edition (for .NET Compact Framework).

    The Standard Edition represents a fully-featured ADO.NET data provider with design time support and advanced classes. The Professional Edition adds more classes, tools, technologies, and integration capabilities. The Developer Edition combines the whole featureset with Standard Edition of dbForge Fusion, an advanced add-in for designing databases and easily manipulating data and schema objects from your IDE. The Mobile Edition is equivalent to the Standard Edition for .NET Compact Framework. The Trial Edition corresponds to Professional with trial limitation. A comparison chart can be found here.


    The dotConnect for Oracle Subscription program is an annual maintenance and support service for dotConnect for Oracle users.

    Users with a valid dotConnect for Oracle Subscription get the following benefits:

    If you have any questions regarding licensing or subscriptions, please see the FAQ or contact [email protected].

    Trial Limitations

    The dotConnect for Oracle Evaluation License lets you try dotConnect for Oracle Trial Edition for a period of 30 days. There are no functionality limitations in dotConnect for Oracle Trial Edition during the trial period.