Foreign Key (auto assigned) Generator

The Foreign Key (auto assigned) Generator can be automatically assigned to a column for which a FOREIGN KEY constraint is defined. The Foreign Key (auto assigned) Generator generates foreign key values for a child table column based on the values contained in a parent table column.

The dialog box of the Foreign Key (auto assigned) Generator contains Basic Settings and custom settings. You can customize the generator by changing the basic and custom settings.

Custom Settings

Foreign Key

Specifies the name of the generated foreign key and a link to a parent table column.

Setting up parent table

You can generate specific values for the parent table column referenced by the child table column:

  1. Click the link (mentioned above) to jump to the parent table column.
  2. Select the check-box next to the column.
  3. Select the required generator from the list of available generators;
  4. Configure settings of the generator using Basic Settings and custom settings specific to this generator.