International Bank Account Number

The International Bank Account Number Generator generates IBAN codes. An IBAN code comprises a country code, check digits and a bank account number.

The dialog box of the International Bank Account Number Generator contains some of the Basic Settings and custom settings. You can customize the generator by changing the basic and custom settings.

Custom Settings


Specify a separator to be included between the groups of digits. By default, digits are separated by a space.

Data grid

    Checkbox column

    Clear the checkbox next to the country you want to exclude from generation.

    **Country column **

    Non-editable. Contains the list of countries for generating a country code.

    Weight column

    Specify a weight value for each record in the column.

    Percentage column

    Non-editable. Calculated automatically depending of the weight value.

Generating IBAN

The following image demonstrates the IBAN generation algorithm.