Parameters Used in Command Line


The name or IP address of the Oracle Server host to which to connect. Direct mode only.


Specify Oracle Server connection port; default value is 1521. Direct mode only.


Set the name of the Oracle database to which to connect. Not available in the direct mode.

Service Name

Specify an alias to an Oracle database instance (or many instances). Direct mode only.


Specify a unique name for an Oracle database instance. Direct mode only.


The Service Name parameter can be used instead of SID.

User Id

The name of the user account on the Oracle server. The default Oracle user is scott.


The password of the user account on the Oracle Server.

Connect Mode

Specify how you want to connect to the Oracle server. This parameter is set to Normal by default. dbForge Data Compare for Oracle allows you to connect to SYSDBA and SYSOPER administrative privileges selecting SYSDBA or SYSOPER options.


Select an Oracle client to be used. Not available in the direct mode.


Select to connect to the Oracle server by the direct mode.


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the UTF8 character set will be used.


Gets or sets pooling mode.

Transaction Scope Local

Enables support for non-distributed transactions in the Transaction Scope implementation.


Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether the connection is automatically enlisted in the current transaction context.