TUniConnection.SpecificOptions Property

Used to provide extended settings for each data provider.




property SpecificOptions: TSpecificOptionsList;


Use the SpecificOptions property to provide extended settings for each data provider. SpecificOptions can be setup both in design time and run time.

At design time call the component editor by double click on it, and select the Options tab in the editor. Calling the SpecificOptions editor from the Object Inspector will open the component editor with Options tab active. Type or select the provider name, and change values of required properties. Then you can either close the editor, or select another provider name. Settings for all providers will be saved.

SpecificOptions can be setup at the same time for all providers that supposed to be used.

All options are applied at the connect time. If an option name is not recognized, an exception is raised and connection is not established.

For example, when you set the Direct option like it is shown in the second example, you can connect with the Oracle and MySQL provider, but attempt to connect with SQL Server and InterBase providers will fail.


You can also setup specific options at run time. Either of two formats can be used:

  1. Using the provider name in an option name;
  2. Not using the provider name in an option name;

In the second case options will be applied to the current provider, namely to the provider specified in the ProviderName property.

Example 1.

Example 2.

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