Importing Schema through Command Line

You can automate schema import process using command line.


The command line functionality is available only in certain editions of dbForge Studio for Oracle. For the detailed information on features availability in the dbForge Studio editions, please refer to the Editions topic.

To perform schema import from command line:

  1. To open Command Prompt, press Win+R and type cmd in the Open line.


    To run the Command Line in Windows 10:

    From the Desktop Mode

    • Move the mouse cursor to the exact lower left corner until the desktop shortcuts menu appears.
    • Right-click to see the shortcut menu and then click Run.

    From the Charms Bar

    • Move your mouse to the upper right corner until the Charms Bar appears.
    • Select Apps from the list and type run in the search box.
    • Click Run from the search results.

    Use Windows + R Shortcut Keys

    • In desktop mode, press the Windows + R keys, to show the Run command line.
    • In the window that opens, type cmd and press Enter.
  2. Type a path to the file, located in dbForge Studio for Oracle installation folder on your PC, and press the SPACE bar:

C:\Users\user>"C:\Program Files\Devart\dbForge Studio for Oracle\"


The path to the executable file will differ depending on how you have installed the Studio - as a standalone tool or as part of the dbForge Edge bundle. Make sure that you have specified a correct path. If you have installed the Studio as part of dbForge Edge, change the path accordingly:

C:\Program Files\Devart\dbForge Edge\dbForge Studio for Oracle>
  1. Specify the operation you want to perform (execute a script):
/schemaimport /projectfile:"D:\sample.backup"
  1. Type all other arguments you need.

Tip: To see a quick help on the arguments available in the command line, type the following:

/schemaimport /?
  1. Press ENTER to run the process.

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