Manipulating Documents

The topic describes how to manipulate documents in dbForge Studio.

Managing Documents

The Windows Dialog Box allows you to switch between documents and manage them. To open it, select Windows on the Window menu. This dialog allows you to save and close multiple documents at once, and activate required document.

To save document(s) select required document(s) and click the Save button.

To close document(s) select required document(s) and click the Close Window(s) button.


To close an opened document, click the document title with middle mouse button (mouse wheel).

To activate required document, select the document and click the Activate button.

Each SQL document includes different representations of the content - document views.

To switch to a specific view, click a button with the view name on the bottom pane of the document. Alternatively, select the required view from the shortcut menu of the document bottom pane.

You can also cycle through available views with the F7 key.

Working with Document Tab Groups

Multiple documents can be organized into horizontal or vertical tab groups for organizing a workspace for working with several documents at the same time. New document tab group can be created either by dragging document to the required place or by selecting New Horizontal Tab Group or New Vertical Tab Group on the document header shortcut menu.

Documents can be moved between tab groups by dragging-n-dropping or by selecting required command on the shortcut menu.

Restoring Tabs

Document tabs can be saved to cash and eventually be restored after the application crush or accidental closing. To customize the tab restore options, on the Tools menu, select Options. In the Options dialog box, expand Environment, then expand Documents and select Restore. Set the time after which the data will be saved automatically and select restartable file types.

Document tabs will be restored automatically at the run of the application.

Document Header Shortcut Menu

The document header shortcut menu includes the following options:

Save <Name>.sql Saves a current SQL document.

Close Closes a current document.

Close All But This Closes all documents excepting the selected one.

Copy Full Path Copies the full path for the document.

Open Containing Folder Opens the folder containing the document.

Float Detaches the window.

New Horizontal Tab Group Creates new horizontal tab group.

New Vertical Tab Group Creates new vertical tab group.