Creating a New Snapshot in Schema Compare

This topic describes the steps you should follow to create a schema snapshot file.

Snapshot is a file generated by dbForge Schema Compare that contains information about a database structure in the XML format.

To create a new snapshot:

  1. On the Database menu, click Create Schema Snapshot.

    Create Schema Snapshot dialog box

  2. In the Create Schema Snapshot dialog box that opens, the Type box in the Source section displays a source type, for which a snapshot is created.

  3. In the Connection box, select an Oracle connection from the drop-down list.


    To create a new connection or update the existing one, click < Manage > in the top of the list. The Connection Manager opens. To update the current connection parameters, click Edit. To create a new connection, click New.

  4. In the Schema box, select a required schema from the drop-down list. Click < Refresh > in the top of the list to refresh the list of available schemas, if any changes were made.

  5. The Type box of the Destination section, a snapshot as a destination type is selected by default.

  6. In the File name box, click […], select the folder to save the snapshot to and specify a name of the snapshot file.

  7. (Optional): Select the Compress check box to compress the created snapshot file. It is recommended if you have selected a large schema.

  8. To complete the snapshot file creation, click Create.