TScDecodeTicketEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; NewSessionTicket: TScNewSessionTicket; NewSessionInfo: TScSSLSessionInfo; var IsValid: boolean) of object;


property OnDecodeTicket: TScDecodeTicketEvent;



Occurs when the client resumes a session using New Session Ticket to decode a ticket. The data of NewSessionTicket should be decoded in the event handler, and appropriate properties should be set in the NewSessionInfo object. These properties will be used for session resumption.

A New Session Ticket creates a unique association between the ticket value and the session key which is used to generate encryption keys, decrypt data, and verify data integrity. It can be initialized automatically or manually in the OnCreateNewSessionTicket event. When OnCreateNewSessionTicket is not set, a ticket will be initialized automatically. To initialize a ticket manually, you should handle OnCreateNewSessionTicket—in this case, the OnDecodeTicket event must be handled to decode the ticket.


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