TScCreateNewSessionTicketEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; SessionInfo: TScSSLSessionInfo; NewSessionTicket: TScNewSessionTicket) of object;


property OnCreateNewSessionTicket: TScCreateNewSessionTicketEvent;



Occurs when a "New Session Ticket" message is sent during the TLS/SSL handshake when starting a new session. You should initialize a NewSessionTicket object in this event handler.

A New Session Ticket creates a unique association between the ticket value and the session key which is used to generate encryption keys, decrypt data, and verify data integrity. The TLS/SSL client may use this object for session resumption.

A New Session Ticket can be initialized automatically or manually in the OnCreateNewSessionTicket event. When OnCreateNewSessionTicket is not set, a ticket will be initialized automatically. To initialize a ticket manually, you should handle OnCreateNewSessionTicket—in this case, the OnDecodeTicket event must be handled to decode the ticket.



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