TScSMTPRecipientErrorEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; const RecipientAddress: string;

   ReplyCode: integer; const ReplyText: string; var Skip: boolean) of object;


property OnRecipientError: TScSMTPRecipientErrorEvent;



Occurs in the Send method if an error occurred on attempt to send an email message to the recipient. The recipient's address is specified in the RecipientAddress parameter.

To proceed with sending the message to other recipients you set the Skip parameter to True. To terminate the session and return an error you set the Skip parameter to False.



Sender - the object that raised the event;
RecipientAddress - delivery to this recipient failed;
ReplyCode - the server reply code on attempt to send a message to this recipient;
ReplyText - a readable description of the reply;
Skip - whether to ignore the recipient specified in the RecipientAddress if an error occurs. Set Skip to True if you want to skip sending a message to this recipient. Set Skip to False if you want to cancel sending the message, and return an error.


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