procedure Send(const From, Recipients, Subject, Body: string); overload;

procedure Send(Message: TScMailMessage); overload;

procedure Send(Message: TScMailMessage; const From: string); overload;

procedure Send(Message: TScMailMessage; const From: string; Recipients: TScMailAddressList); overload;

procedure Send(Message: TScMailMessage; Recipients: TScMailAddressList); overload;



Sends the email message to the recipient or a list of recipients through the SMTP server.

If only a TScMailMessage object is specified in Send, the sender and recipients are taken from this object.

You can also set the subject, body, sender, and recipient directly as overloaded parameters in Send.

To add attachments to the email message you use the TScMailMessage.Attachments property.

The response code received during execution of this command is contained in the ReplyCode property.



From - the from address of the email message;
Subject - the subject line of the email message;
Body - the message body as plaintext;
Message - the message object that is sent to the server;
Recipients - a list of recipients of the email message.


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