procedure RequestExtension(const ExtName: string; const ExtData: TBytes; ReplyExtension: TScSFTPExtension = nil); overload;

procedure RequestExtension(Extension: TScSFTPExtension; ReplyExtension: TScSFTPExtension = nil); overload;



Call the RequestExtension method to send an extended request to the server.

Extensions allow clients to query the server for additional information which may not be widely supported, but all the same can be implemented by some servers.

If the NonBlocking property is False, RequestExtension returns control after receiving an answer from the server and writing it to the ReplyExtension object. Otherwise the result is written to the ReplyExtension object on executing the OnReplyExtension event. If the server returns an error, the OnError event is generated.


Note: this option is supported starting from the version 3 of the SFTP protocol.



ExtName - string that holds the extension name.
ExtData - the extension data, that is specified by the specific extension.
Extension - the object the Name and Data properties of which specify the extension parameters.
ReplyExtension - the object to which the replied data will be written. If this parameter is set to nil or is not set at all, then the OnReplyExtension event should be processed.If the object is specified, it will be returned in the OnReplyExtension event handler.


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