procedure UploadWithUniqueName(const SourceFile: string; StartPos: Int64 = -1); overload;

procedure UploadWithUniqueName(Source: TStream; StartPos: Int64 = -1); overload;



Call the UploadWithUniqueName method to copy a file from the local machine to the FTP server, where resultant file is to be created in the current directory under a name unique to that directory.



SourceFile - holds the initial path to the file that is being copied.
Source - holds the source data stream that is being copied.
StartPos - the offset in bytes relative to the beginning of the file that the uploading started at.


File uploading can occur in active and passive modes (see UsePassive).

The EncryptDataChannel property determines whether the connection will be secured using TLS/SSL protocol.

The UseCompression property determines whether data compression will be used when transferring data.

The response code received during execution of this command request is contained in the ReplyCode property.


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