class procedure SiteToSiteTransfer(SourceClient, DestClient: TScFTPClient; const SourceFile, DestFile: string);



Transfers files between FTP servers.

To copy a file from one FTP server to another, you establish a connection to the required servers using two TScFTPClient objects.

Files are transferred in the passive mode (see UsePassive), i.e. a data connection is established directly between the two servers that the clients have connected to.



SourceClient - the FTP server that hosts the file to be copied to another FTP server;
DestClient - the FTP server that the file will be copied to;
SourceFile - the path to the file that will be copied;
DestFile - the destination path to copy the file to.


The SourceClient.EncryptDataChannel property determines whether the connection will be protected using the TLS/SSL protocol.


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