TScECName = (

   secp160r1, secp160r2, secp160k1,

   secp192r1, secp192k1, secp224r1, secp224k1,

   secp256r1, secp256k1, secp384r1, secp521r1,

   sect163r1, sect163r2, sect163k1,

   sect193r1, sect193r2, sect233r1, sect233k1, sect239k1,

   sect283r1, sect283k1, sect409r1, sect409k1,

   sect571r1, sect571k1,





The TScECName enumeration represents the named Elliptic Curves over Fp and F2m cryptography algorithms. The EC algorithm uses one key to sign data, another key is used to verify the signature.

SecureBridge supports Elliptic Curves that are commonly known as "standard curves" or "named curves"; a named curve is referenced by name to the standard documents:

NIST, Recommended Elliptic Curves for Government Use
SECG, SEC 2: Recommended Elliptic Curve Domain Parameters
ECC Brainpool (RFC 5639), ECC Brainpool Standard Curves and Curve Generation
Curve 25519


You can find a more detailed description of these elliptic curves by the following link: http://www.secg.org/SEC2-Ver-1.0.pdf

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