procedure Init(OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType: TScCMSOriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType; Certificate: TScCertificate); overload;

procedure Init(Certificate: TScCertificate); overload;



Initializes the TScCMSOriginatorIdentifierOrKey instance from the X.509 certificate.

The OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType parameter represents the type of a originator identifier. The OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType property is set from the value of this parameter. If this parameter is not specified, the OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType property will be set to the oitIssuerAndSerialNumber value.

The Certificate parameter is an object that represents the originator identifier. The Issuer, SerialNumber, and SubjectKeyIdentifier properties are imported from this X.509 certificate. The OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType parameter determines which of these properties will be set. If OriginatorIdentifierOrKeyType is not specified, it is considered equal to the oitIssuerAndSerialNumber value.


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