The TScCertificate class is used for working with X.509 certificates. The X.509 structure originated in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) working groups. This structure can be used to represent various types of information including identity, entitlement, and holder attributes.

The certificate contains a public key, and some additional information (e.g. information about the certification center produced the certificate, information about certificate user, the service period of the certificate, etc.).

Certificates can be used for organizations authentication, for authenticity verification of transferred information, and for data encryption.


Certificates can be stored in different formats. To import/export a certificate in one of formats, you should use the ImportFrom or ExportTo methods correspondingly. To store a set of certificates in storage, the CertificateList property is used.


The TScCertificate lets you to sign data with the private key, which associated with the certificate, and verify signature with the certificate public key by using the Sign and VerifySign methods. The data signing is used for checking data integrity.


Also TScCertificate lets encrypting and decrypting information using Encrypt and Decrypt methods.


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