What’s New in Review Assistant v4.0

New statuses for review

New Response Required status for a review. This status is for those cases when a reviewer cannot finish a review, because there are questions that the author of the code should answer before the review can be continued.

The Rejected status was renamed to Rework Needed, which describes the state of the code more precisely.

Automatic Review Status

Previously, a reviewer defined the status of a review manually. Now the reviewer simply clicks Complete Review, and the status of the review is determined automatically based on the type of comments specified.

Four categories of review comments

The categories of comments to code were expanded. Now, in addition to a simple comment, you can add:

  • a comment marked Question. If you have such a comment, the review will get the status Response Required.
  • a comment marked Should Fix - indicates a deficiency in the code that is not critical.
  • a comment marked Must Fix - indicates an error in the code. Previously, such comments were marked with the Defect flag.

View changes in a single editor

Previously, when viewing changes to files, a separate document opened for each file. As a result, a reviewer had to close a lot of documents at the end of the review. Now a single diff-tool window opens, which alternately displays changes to different files.

New e-mail notifications

The appearance of the letter has changed: improved readability and missing information id added. In addition, now all the notifications on one review are combined into message chains.

Improved Code Review Board

  • branches of code included in the review for Git & Mercurial are displayed on the board
  • a reviewer now has the ability to view revisions included in a review
  • unnecessary dialogs with warnings were removed
  • improved work with comments

Other improvements

  • improved export of reviews to XLS files
  • improved verification of incompatibility between client and server versions
  • MS SQL 2017 supported
  • the database has been optimized, the total volume is reduced by 2 times