Paginal Mode

Paginal Mode splits data into pages and is used for displaying data with a large number of records.

To enable Paginal Mode, on the toolbar, click Enable paginal modePaginal Mode.

To configure the number of records per a page, type or select the value from the Page Row Count drop-down list box.

To navigate through the pages, use the corresponding buttons on the document toolbar.

Paginal mode buttons

By default, Paginal Mode is enabled for data views with 1000 records on a page, thus, only 1000 records are displayed at once. To change default settings, click Tools > Options. In the Data Editor > General dialog that opens, specify a value in the Initial page size field.

Paginal Mode can also be enabled by clicking the corresponding button on a message received when retrieving data from a table that has large number of records.

If not all records are displayed on one page when Paginal mode is on, the warning icon is shown on the status bar. If you move the mouse pointer to the icon, a notification informing that the data is split into pages will be shown.