TOraSession.Server Property

Contains the server name.




property Server: string;


Use the Server property to supply server name to handle server's request for a login.

Formatting of this property is different and depends on the value of Options.Direct property:

If Options. Direct is set to False, Server assumes TNS alias name for the requested database or an EZCONNECT connection string.

If Options.Direct is True, Server accepts a string holding three fields separated by a colon. If Oracle servers has SID is equal to Service Name then string is the following: "Host:Port:SID". If Oracle Server has SID differ from Service Name then string is the following: "Host:Port:sid=SID" for connection using SID and "Host:Port:sn=Service Name" for connection using Service Name. Here Host is an IP address of the server that hosts the database, Port is a port number that server listens, SID is a system identifier that specifies an Oracle database instance name, and Service Name is a system alias to an Oracle database instance (or many instances).

Note: EZCONNECT connection string format is supported in Direct Mode as well.

Note: If prefixes sid= or sn= aren't set, then connection will be established using SID.

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