TOraDataSet.Options Property

Used to specify the behaviour of TOraDataSetObject.




property Options: TOraDataSetOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify the behaviour of a TOraDataSet object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoClose Used to close OCI cursor after fetching all rows.
CacheLobs Used to allocate local memory buffer to hold a copy of the Lob content.
DefaultValues Used for TOraDataSet to fill the DefaultExpression property of TField objects by appropriate value.
DeferredLobRead Used to fetch all Oracle 8 Lob values when they are explicitly requested.
EnableBCD Used to enable currency type. Default value of this option is False.
EnableFMTBCD Used to enable using FMTBCD instead of float for large integer numbers to keep precision.
ExtendedFieldsInfo Used to perform an additional query to get information about returned fields and the tables they belong to.
FieldsAsString Used to treat all non-BLOB fields as being of string datatype.
FullRefresh Used to refresh fields of all tables by the RefreshRecord method.
PrefetchLobSize Used to retrieve the LOB length and the LOB data beginning during regular fetch.
PrefetchRows Used to set the number of rows to be prefetched during the execution of a query.
PrepareUpdateSQL Used to automatically prepare update queries before execution.
ProcNamedParams Used to specify a notation method of passing parameter values to the stored PL/SQL object.
RawAsString Used to treat all RAW fields as being of string datatype.
ReflectChangeNotify Used for a dataset component to refresh its data when it gets database change notification messages in response to DML or DDL changes on the objects associated with the dataset query.
ScrollableCursor Used for TOraDataSet to use scrollable server cursor (available since Oracle 9 only) instead of caching data on the client side.
StatementCache Used to get a value indicating whether Oracle resources assosiated with the current statement will be cached inside a session.
TemporaryLobUpdate Temporary LOBs are used to write input and input/output LOB parameters into database when executing dataset's SQL statements.

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