TOraDataSetOptions.CacheLobs Property

Used to allocate local memory buffer to hold a copy of the Lob content.




property CacheLobs: boolean stored True;


If True, (the default value) then local memory buffer is allocated to hold a copy of the Lob content. If this option is set to False, it is highly recommended to set the DeferredLobRead option to True. Otherwise, LOB values are fetched to the dataset, and it can result in performance loss.

Note: The CacheLobs option controls the way Lob objects are handled while an application fetches records from the database. Setting CacheLobs to False may bring up the following benefits for time-critical applications: reduced traffic over the network since Lob objects are only transferred on demand; less memory is needed on the client side because returned record sets do not hold contents of the Lob fields. Actual value for the Lob field is passed to the client only when a data-aware control requests it.

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