dotConnect for Salesforce Documentation
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    In This Topic

    The dotConnect for Salesforce reference documentation contains detailed provider-specific information. Many of the dotConnect for Salesforce classes inherit or implement members from other .NET Framework classes or interfaces. The provider documentation includes a summary of all members within each of these classes. For more detailed information about a specific inherited member, see the appropriate topic in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK. For information about using .NET data providers or an ADO.NET DataSet, see "Accessing Data with ADO.NET" in the .NET Framework SDK documentation.

    dotConnect for Salesforce documentation is fully integrated into Visual Studio environment and available from the Tools -> Salesforce menu or as dynamic help.

    dotConnect for Salesforce help system provides information for IntelliSense and supports class members description of Properties window.

    You can also download documentation in CHM format from our site on dotConnect for Salesforce download page.