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    dotConnect for QuickBooks is provided as a single setup package that contains all required files for Full .NET Framework and documentation.

    By default dotConnect for QuickBooks installs all files in "Program Files\Devart\dotConnect\QuickBooks" folder. The setup program also adds the necessary assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache by default. You can omit adding assemblies to GAC by selecting the Do not install assemblies in the GAC check box on the Additional Tasks installation wizard page. To install only *.dll files needed to run applications that use dotConnect for QuickBooks, you can select "Minimal" install in the setup program.

    Some files are shared by Devart data providers. These assemblies are copied to the "\Program Files\Common Files\Devart\dotConnect\5.00\Net2\" folder. If you have several Devart data providers, make sure they use same version of the Devart.Data.dll assembly.

    There are some limitations in Express Editions of Visual Studio. Particularly, the automatic toolbox components registration and Server Explorer integration are not available. You can, however, install components into toolbox manually as described below. As an exclusion, Visual Web Developer supports Server Explorer integration features.

    Command Line Installation Keys

    dotConnect for QuickBooks installer is created with Inno Setup. Its standard setup command line parameters article is available at

    Also there are additional installation keys:


    The following table contains the list of components, that can be used with the /COMPONENTS key.
    Component name Parameter
    Visual Studio integration * VsIntegration
    Support for ADO.NET Entity Framework Entity
    Entity Developer ModelerTool
    Samples Samples
    Help files HelpFiles

    * You may use the "*VsIntegration" parameter (with asterisk) to integrate the provider to all the installed Visual Studio versions, which are supported by dotConnect for QuickBooks. To install it only to Visual Studio 2010, for example, use "VsIntegration\VS2010" parameter.

    Microsoft Visual Studio

    dotConnect for QuickBooks components are automatically registered in Toolbox when you start the Visual Studio first time after successful installation of dotConnect for QuickBooks. If automatic registration fails, do the following steps to install the components manually:

    Since now dotConnect for QuickBooks components are available from toolbox.