Exit Codes used in Command Line for /document

If document generation is run through the command-line interface, the following exit codes are returned depending on the execution result:

Error Code Description Additional Information
0 Success The operation has been completed without errors.
2 CtrlBreak Execution stopped because of a Ctrl-Break.
10 Command line usage error The command line was used incorrectly. For example, an incorrect flag, or incorrect syntax may have been used.
11 Illegal argument duplication Some arguments must not appear more than once.
12 Unsatisfied argument dependency There is an unsatisfied argument dependency or violated exclusion when the command line is run. For example:
/arg2 The numeric value supplied for an argument is outside the range of valid values for that argument.depends on /arg1 but you have specified /arg2 without specifying /arg1
/arg2 can’t be used with /arg1 but you have used both.
15 Invalid argument value The value supplied for an argument is invalid
20 Trial expired The trial period has expired, or Documenter for MySQL has not been activated.
30 Project file corrupted Project file corrupted.
40 Server connection fail Server connection failed.
105 Resource unavailable A file is missing.
108 No objects There are no files for documenting.