Managing Database Connections

Edit and delete connections

You can create, edit, and delete connections with the help of Connection Manager. To open it, click Edit on the Source and Target page of the New Data Generation wizard or click the Connection Manager button on the Database menu.

To edit a connection, select it in the Connections list and click the Edit button or just double-click it in the list. The Database Connection Properties window will open.

To delete a connection, select it in the Connections list and click the Delete button or press the DELETE key.

You also can use the New button to create new connections.

Windows connection coloring

Window connection coloring allows you immediately to know to which server you’re connected to. You can add coloring for each server connection in the Document Category field of the Database Connection Properties dialog box when setting the database connection properties.

Edit a database connection

To edit an already existing database connection, on the Database menu, click Connection Manager. The Connection Manager dialog box opens. Select a required connection, and then click the Edit button. The Database Connection Properties dialog box opens where you can make changes on database connection parameters.

Delete a database connection

To delete a database connection, open the Connection Manager on the Database menu. Choose a connection you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.