TMemDataSet.CachedUpdates Property

Used to enable or disable the use of cached updates for a dataset.




property CachedUpdates: boolean default False;


Use the CachedUpdates property to enable or disable the use of cached updates for a dataset. Setting CachedUpdates to True enables updates to a dataset (such as posting changes, inserting new records, or deleting records) to be stored in an internal cache on the client side instead of being written directly to the dataset's underlying database tables. When changes are completed, an application writes all cached changes to the database in the context of a single transaction.

Cached updates are especially useful for client applications working with remote database servers. Enabling cached updates brings up the following benefits:

The potential drawbacks of enabling cached updates are:

The default value is False.

Note: When establishing master/detail relationship the CachedUpdates property of detail dataset works properly only when TDADataSetOptions.LocalMasterDetail is set to True.

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