Installing Sample Database

This topic describes how to install a sample database that comes with example tests.

To install a sample database:

  1. Go to Unit Test in the main menu and select Install Sample Database.

    Install Sample Database

  2. Select the server to install the sample database on and specify the name of the database.
  3. After the successful installation, the sample database will be added to the list of databases in Object Explorer.

    Install Sample Database

  4. To see the list of example tests, in Object Explorer, navigate to the sample database, go to the Programmability folder, and then to Stored Procedures.
  5. To run an example test, right-click the test, navigate to Unit Test and select Run Test.
  6. To run all tests, right-click the sample database (or the Programmability folder), navigate to Unit Test and select Run All Tests.

You can also manage the example tests in the Test List Manager. For more information see the topic Viewing Test List.