This topic contains the environment changes made by the UniDAC installer. If you are having problems with using UniDAC or compiling UniDAC-based products, check this list to make sure your system is properly configured.

Compiled versions of UniDAC are installed automatically by the UniDAC Installer for all supported IDEs except for Lazarus. Versions of UniDAC with Source Code must be installed manually. Installation of UniDAC from sources is described in the supplied ReadmeSrc.html file.

Before installing UniDAC ...

Two versions of UniDAC cannot be installed in parallel for the same IDE, and, since the Devart Data Access Components products have some shared bpl files, newer versions of UniDAC may be incompatible with older versions of ODAC, SDAC, MyDAC, IBDAC, and PgDAC.

So before installing a new version of UniDAC, uninstall any previous version of UniDAC you may have, and check if your new install is compatible with other Devart Data Access Components products you have installed. For  more information please see Using several products in one IDE. If you run into problems or have any compatibility questions, please email [email protected]

Note: You can avoid performing UniDAC uninstallation manually when upgrading to a new version by directing the UniDAC installation program to overwrite previous versions. To do this, execute the installation program from the command line with a /force parameter (Start | Run and type unidacXX.exe /force, specifying the full path to the appropriate version of the installation program).

Installed packages

Note: %UniDAC% denotes the path to your UniDAC installation directory.

Delphi/C++Builder Win32 project packages

Name Description Location
dacXX.bpl DAC run-time package Delphi\Bin; Windows\System32
dacvclXX.bpl* DAC VCL support package Delphi\Bin
dcldacXX.bpl DAC design-time package Delphi\Bin
unidacXX.bpl UniDAC run-time package Delphi\Bin; Windows\System32
unidacvclXX.bpl* VCL support package Delphi\Bin
dclunidacXX.bpl UniDAC design-time package Delphi\Bin
XXproviderXX.bpl UniDAC providers packages Delphi\Bin; Windows\System32
crcontrolsXX.bpl TCRDBGrid component Delphi\Bin

Additional packages for using UniDAC managers and wizards

Name Description Location
datasetmanagerXX.bpl DataSet Manager package Delphi\Bin

Environment Changes

To compile UniDAC-based applications, your environment must be configured to have access to the UniDAC libraries. Environment changes are IDE-dependent.

For all instructions, replace %UniDAC% with the path to your UniDAC installation directory


The UniDAC Installer performs Delphi environment changes automatically for compiled versions of UniDAC.


C++Builder 6:

C++Builder 2006, 2007:

The UniDAC Installer performs C++Builder environment changes automatically for compiled versions of UniDAC.


The UniDAC installation program only copies UniDAC files. You need to install UniDAC packages to Lazarus IDE manually. Open %UniDAC%\Source\Lazarus1\dclunidac10.lpk (for Trial version %UniDAC%\Packages\dclunidac10.lpk) file in Lazarus and press the Install button. After that Lazarus IDE will be rebuilded with UniDAC packages.

Do not press the Compile button for the package. Compiling will fail because there are no UniDAC sources.

Installation of Additional Components and Add-ins


DBMonitor is a an easy-to-use tool to provide visual monitoring of your database applications. It is provided as an alternative to Borland SQL Monitor which is also supported by UniDAC. DBMonitor is intended to hamper application being monitored as little as possible. For more information, visit the DBMonitor page online.

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