UniDAC applications can be built and deployed with or without runtime libraries. You can dynamically load packages by choosing Link with runtime packages in the Project Options dialog box. In earlier versions of Delphi, the option is called Build with runtime packages.

Deploying Windows Applications Built Without Runtime Packages

It is not required to deploy any files with a UniDAC application built without runtime packages, provided you have UniDAC Standard or Professional Edition. Make sure that your application does not use runtime packages (Link with runtime packages is not selected).

Trial Limitation Warning

If you are deploying a UniDAC Trial application, these UniDAC libraries and their dependencies are required even when your application is built without runtime packages (XX depends on the version of your IDE).

dacXX.bpl mandatory
unidacXX.bpl mandatory
rtlXX.bpl mandatory
dbrtlXX.bpl mandatory
vcldbXXX.bpl mandatory

Deploying Windows Applications Built with Runtime Packages

You can build applications with runtime packages by selecting Link with runtime packages in Project Options before compiling the application. You must deploy these BPL files with your application (XX depends on the version of your IDE or the name of the provider).

dacXX.bpl mandatory
unidacXX.bpl mandatory
XXproviderXX.bpl for each necessary provider
dacvclXX.bpl if an application uses the UniDacVcl unit
unidacvclXX.bpl if an application uses the UniDacVcl unit
dacfmxXX.bpl if an application uses the UniDacFmx unit
unidacfmxXX.bpl if an application uses the UniDacFmx unit
XXdacXX.bpl for each necessary provider (only in Express Edition)
crcontrolsXX.bpl if an application uses the CRDBGridcomponent
tdsproviderXX.bpl if an application connects in the Direct mode
odbcproviderXX.bpl if an application connects through an ODBC driver
vqueryXX.bpl if an application connects to DBF files

If you have UniDAC Express Edition, you must deploy XdacXX.bpl with your application because in Express Edition, XXproviderXX.bpl is just a wrapper around XdacXX.bpl. It is not required to deploy the XdacXX.bpl file with the application if you have UniDAC Professional or Standard Edition because the XXproviderXX.bpl file already includes the functionality of XdacXX.bpl.
Note that UniDAC Trial requires deployment of additional BPL files regardless of Link with runtime packages.

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