TUniTransaction Members

TUniTransaction class overview.


Name Description

Active (inherited from TDATransaction)

Used to determine if the transaction is active.


Used to specify a connection for the given index.


Used to get the number of connections associated with the transaction component.

DefaultCloseAction (inherited from TDATransaction)

Used to specify the transaction behaviour when it is destroyed while being active, or when one of its connections is closed with the active transaction.


Used to specify how the transactions containing database modifications are handled.


Name Description


Binds a TCustomDAConnection object with the transaction component.

Commit (inherited from TDATransaction)

Commits the current transaction.


Stores to the database server all changes of data associated with the transaction permanently and then retains the transaction context.


Disassiciates the specified connections from the transaction.

Rollback (inherited from TDATransaction)

Discards all modifications of data associated with the current transaction and ends the transaction.


Rolls back all data changes associated with the transaction and retains the transaction context.

StartTransaction (inherited from TDATransaction)

Begins a new transaction.


Name Description

OnCommit (inherited from TDATransaction)

Occurs after the transaction has been successfully committed.

OnCommitRetaining (inherited from TDATransaction)

Occurs after CommitRetaining has been executed.

OnError (inherited from TDATransaction)

Used to process errors that occur during executing a transaction.

OnRollback (inherited from TDATransaction)

Occurs after the transaction has been successfully rolled back.

OnRollbackRetaining (inherited from TDATransaction)

Occurs after RollbackRetaining has been executed.
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