TUniLoader Members

TUniLoader class overview.


Name Description

Columns (inherited from TDALoader)

Used to add a TDAColumn object for each field that will be loaded.

Connection (inherited from TDALoader)

property. Used to specify TCustomDAConnection in which TDALoader will be executed.

TableName (inherited from TDALoader)

Used to specify the name of the table to which data will be loaded.


Name Description

CreateColumns (inherited from TDALoader)

Creates TDAColumn objects for all fields of the table with the same name as TDALoader.TableName.

Load (inherited from TDALoader)

Starts loading data.

LoadFromDataSet (inherited from TDALoader)

Loads data from the specified dataset.

PutColumnData (inherited from TDALoader)

Overloaded. Puts the value of individual columns.


Name Description

OnGetColumnData (inherited from TDALoader)

Occurs when it is needed to put column values.

OnProgress (inherited from TDALoader)

Occurs if handling data loading progress of the TDALoader.LoadFromDataSet method is needed.

OnPutData (inherited from TDALoader)

Occurs when putting loading data by rows is needed.
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