TVirtualTable Properties

Properties of the TVirtualTable class.

For a complete list of the TVirtualTable class members, see the TVirtualTable Members topic.


Name Description

CachedUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to enable or disable the use of cached updates for a dataset.

IndexFieldNames (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to get or set the list of fields on which the recordset is sorted.

KeyExclusive (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Specifies the upper and lower boundaries for a range.

LocalConstraints (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to avoid setting the Required property of a TField component for NOT NULL fields at the time of opening TMemDataSet.

LocalUpdate (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to prevent implicit update of rows on database server.

Prepared (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Determines whether a query is prepared for execution or not.

Ranged (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates whether a range is applied to a dataset.

UpdateRecordTypes (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to indicate the update status for the current record when cached updates are enabled.

UpdatesPending (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to check the status of the cached updates buffer.


Name Description


Used to determine the default type of local sorting for string fields.

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