TLocateExOption Enumeration

Allows to set additional search parameters which will be used by the LocateEx method.




TLocateExOption = (lxCaseInsensitive, lxPartialKey, lxNearest, lxNext, lxUp, lxPartialCompare);


Value Meaning
lxCaseInsensitive Similar to loCaseInsensitive. Key fields and key values are matched without regard to the case.
lxNearest LocateEx moves the cursor to a specific record in a dataset or to the first record in the dataset that is greater than the values specified in the KeyValues parameter. For this option to work correctly dataset should be sorted by the fields the search is performed in. If dataset is not sorted, the function may return a line that is not connected with the search condition.
lxNext LocateEx searches from the current record.
lxPartialCompare Similar to lxPartialKey, but the difference is that it can process value entries in any position. For example, 'HAM' would match both 'HAMM', 'HAMMER.', and also 'MR HAMMER'.
lxPartialKey Similar to loPartialKey. Key values can include only a part of the matching key field value. For example, 'HAM' would match both 'HAMM' and 'HAMMER.', but not 'MR HAMMER'.
lxUp LocateEx searches from the current record to the first record.

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