TCustomDADataSet Properties

Properties of the TCustomDADataSet class.

For a complete list of the TCustomDADataSet class members, see the TCustomDADataSet Members topic.


Name Description


Used to return SQL text without any changes performed by AddWhere, SetOrderBy, and FilterSQL.

CachedUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to enable or disable the use of cached updates for a dataset.


Used to add WHERE conditions to a query


Used to specify a connection object to use to connect to a data store.


Used to set data type mapping rules


Used to display the statement that is being executed and the values and types of its parameters.


Used to specify the fields that correspond to the foreign key fields from MasterFields when building master/detail relationship.


Used to keep dataset opened after connection is closed.


Used to define the number of rows to be transferred across the network at the same time.


Used to change the WHERE clause of SELECT statement and reopen a query.


Used to return SQL text with all changes performed by AddWhere, SetOrderBy, and FilterSQL, and with expanded macros.

IndexFieldNames (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to get or set the list of fields on which the recordset is sorted.


Used to check whether SQL statement returns rows.

KeyExclusive (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Specifies the upper and lower boundaries for a range.


Used to build SQL statements for the SQLDelete, SQLInsert, and SQLUpdate properties if they were empty before updating the database.

LocalConstraints (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to avoid setting the Required property of a TField component for NOT NULL fields at the time of opening TMemDataSet.

LocalUpdate (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to prevent implicit update of rows on database server.


Used to get the number of macros associated with the Macros property.


Makes it possible to change SQL queries easily.


Used to specify the names of one or more fields that are used as foreign keys for dataset when establishing detail/master relationship between it and the dataset specified in MasterSource.


Used to specify the data source component which binds current dataset to the master one.


Used to specify the behaviour of TCustomDADataSet object.


Used to specify whether parameters for the Params property are generated automatically after the SQL property was changed.


Used to indicate how many parameters are there in the Params property.


Used to view and set parameter names, values, and data types dynamically.

Prepared (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Determines whether a query is prepared for execution or not.

Ranged (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates whether a range is applied to a dataset.


Used to prevent users from updating, inserting, or deleting data in the dataset.


Used to indicate when the editing record is refreshed.


Used to indicate the number of rows which were inserted, updated, or deleted during the last query operation.


Used to provide a SQL statement that a query component executes when its Open method is called.


Used to specify a SQL statement that will be used when applying a deletion to a record.


Used to specify the SQL statement that will be used when applying an insertion to a dataset.


Used to specify a SQL statement that will be used to perform a record lock.


Used to specify the SQL statement that is used to get the record count when opening a dataset.


Used to specify a SQL statement that will be used to refresh current record by calling the TCustomDADataSet.RefreshRecord procedure.


Used to specify a SQL statement that will be used when applying an update to a dataset.


Used if an application does not need bidirectional access to records in the result set.

UpdateRecordTypes (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to indicate the update status for the current record when cached updates are enabled.

UpdatesPending (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to check the status of the cached updates buffer.

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