TCRDBGrid Properties

Properties of the TCRDBGrid class.

For a complete list of the TCRDBGrid class members, see the TCRDBGrid Members topic.


Name Description


TCRDBGrid has local menu is situated in the left upper corner. Standard menu has items to show or hide filter bar and search bars. User can change content of this menu using OptionsMenu property.


Name Description


To provide extended functionality TCRDBGrid component is shipped with a TCRColumn class, which is derived from the standard TColumn class but is tailored to work with TCRDBGrid only.


Set Filtered property to specify whether record entries are filtered according to the conditional statements of individual columns or not.


Set LevelDelimiterChar to set the character symbol which TCRDBGrid looks for in column captions to resolve multilevel nested columns.


Write an OnMemoClick event handler to provide custom processing of Memo fields instead of built-in Memo field editor.


OptionsEx property provides control over TCRDBGrid-specific features. They complement inherited options found in Options property.

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