Generating undo/redo scripts

This topic explains how to create scripts that will help you restore data that was unintentionally updated or deleted.

Undo/redo scripts for single operations

To view undo/redo scripts for a specific operation:

  1. Select the needed operation by clicking on it in the data grid.

    Select the Operation

  2. Go to the Redo Script or Undo Script tab in the lower part of the data grid window depending on what type of script you need.

    Undo/Redo Script Tabs

Here, you can copy the script to the clipboard or, alternatively, open it in a separate SQL editor window by right-clicking the script and clicking Open in SQL Document.

Open Script in SQL Editor

Undo/redo scripts for all operations in the grid

To generate an undo or redo script for all operations in the data grid, do the following:

In the upper part of the data grid window, click Export Script and choose the type of script you want to generate from the drop-down list:

Undo/Redo Script for All Operations

The script will be opened in a new SQL editor window.

Script for all Operations