Objects Info

Thus topic provides objects info overview.

Quick Object Info Overview

A hint displays essential database object information, when the mouse pointer is placed over an identifier. For tables, you can see column names with data types, additional column properties (e.g., not null and identify attributes), primary, unique, and foreign keys. For other objects, the quick info includes object type and an available user description.

Quick Object Info

If you move the mouse pointer to the * symbol in SELECT statements, the hint with the column list is displayed.

Column List

If you move the mouse pointer to an alias in a FROM statement, the hint containing a table/expression with a column list is displayed (where possible).

Alias In From

If you select an item from the list, the hint containing quick database object information is displayed across the selected list item.

Dropdown Item Info

The Express edition of dbForge Studio offers a partial support of this feature. Full support is available in the Standard edition only.