What’s New in dbForge Studio for SQL Server, v5.5

SQL Server support

  • SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) new syntax support
  • SQL Server 2017 CTP2.0 new syntax support
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse connectivity support

Code Completion

  • Column match highlighting in the INSERT statement
  • Database element dropping from the prompt in Completion List
  • Possibility to exclude a scheme in the ON condition of the JOIN statement
  • Possibility to connect/disconnect when describing/pre-describing objects of the same database
  • Query surfing
  • CASE END highlighting
  • Extended prompting in the PIVOT/UNPIVOT queries
  • Extended support for CTE
  • Prompt and QI of variables in named transactions
  • Support for CREATE OR ALTER

    SQL Document

  • Query execution history Data Compare
  • Static Data comparison in Script Folder
  • Support for MASKED columns
  • Option to automatically select a key for comparing objects without a suitable unique key
  • Added option to turn ON\OFF Generation of IF NOT EXISTS on inserting
  • Possibility to open the comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the dcomp files

    Schema Compare

  • Support for External Objects
  • Support for MASKED columns
  • Azure v.12 Extended Support
  • Support for SECURITY POLICY object
  • Support for Column Encryption Keys
  • Support for Column Master Keys
  • Extended support for comparison of SQL Server 2014-2016 backup files
  • New Database creation through Schema Comparison Master
  • Redesigned logging in command line
  • Possibility to open the comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the scomp files


  • Generation of documentation in the Markdown format.

    Data Generator

  • Storing custom generators
  • Generating data by time
  • Generating data to already available data
  • Generating data by a linked table
  • Pre and Post Script Execution

    Source Control

  • Added authentication capability for VS Online
  • TFS 2017 support
  • SourceGear Vault v9.1 support
  • SourceGear Vault v10.0 support
  • Surround SCM support

    Index Manager

  • The Command Prompt provides scan results of index analysis including index name, reason, and fragmentation.


  • Each file creates its own connection
  • Password change on expiry
  • Keyboard shortcut for selecting connection and database assigned Activity Monitor
  • Possibility to monitor CPU and memory utilization
  • Table of data IO
  • Displays information about waits, including its type, resource, a number of waits on this wait type, and more
  • Database metrics
  • Query profiling with top operations and plan in XML format
  • Information about active sessions and database backups

    Other improvements

  • Command-Line Master
  • Generate Script As redesigned
  • Express Edition extended with ability to manage table partition