What’s New in dbForge Studio for SQL Server, v4.0


  • Profile Server Events Wizard

    SQL Editing and Execution

  • T-SQL Analyzer
  • Command line interface for SQL formatting
  • Changing a snippets folder location
  • Query execution pane
  • Easy way to hide results
  • Encoding switch in the /execute command line operation
  • MERGE statement support (syntax checking, formatting)
  • Phrase completion
  • Updated Find&Replace feature in documents and files
  • Completion list support
  • Statements formatting support

    Database Explorer

  • Alternative ways to create a new object
  • Generate Script As shortcut menu item for check and default constraints
  • Sending objects to a database diagram
  • Renaming columns and indexes
  • Displaying the objects number

    Security Manager

  • Creating new schemas and displaying all existing ones

    Object Editors

  • Completely redesigned Index Editor
  • Updated Check Constraint Editor
  • Updated Database Editor
  • Support of user types when working with tables

    Schema Compare

  • Custom mapping for objects by their names
  • Updated Synchronization Wizard
  • sp_refreshview option

    Data Compare

  • Ignore difference in end_of_string option
  • Show white spaces option
  • Ignore computed columns option

    Data Report

  • Support of command line interface

    Query Profiler

  • Diagram printing options for a Query Profiler Plan Diagram Data Editor
  • Data Viewer and Data Editor are in one control

    Data Export and Import

  • Updated Import and Export Wizard

    Generate Script

  • SQL Azure support

    Other Features and Improvements

  • Online documentation
  • Support of multiple monitors
  • Modeless Create Schema Snapshot and Data Report Wizard windows
  • Improved application performance when executing a query, opening a table, designing a diagram, and building a query in the Query Builder