What’s New in dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.3.6

Database Connectivity

Connection via Windows authentication is added

Database Explorer

  • Ability to compile objects from object category node is added
  • Ability to enable/disable triggers is added
  • Ability to enable/disable indexes is added
  • Icons for user types and triggers are updated

Schema Compare and Synchronization

  • Ignore Schema Name During Comparison option is added
  • Ignore Compression Differences option is added
  • Ignore LOGGING/NOLOGGING option is added
  • Ignore Column Order in Indexes option is added
  • Exclude Comments option is added
  • Use SQL *Plus Commands option is added

Data Compare and Synchronization

  • Include Print Comments option is added
  • Use SQL *Plus Commands option is added

Data Editor and Viewer

Ability to view results as a structured XML file is added

Object Editors

Viewing script while editing columns, indexes etc. is possible now

Code Debugger

Current variable value output in tooltip while debugging procedures and functions is added

Alias Refactoring

Built-in Rename dialog box to rename aliases in your code

User Interface

  • Switching tabs by the CTRL+ALT+PAGE UP and CTRL+ALT+PAGE DOWN key combinations
  • Windows connection coloring is added
  • Restoring document tabs from the last session is possible now
  • Switching between wizard window and primary window is possible now