What’s New in dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.3.5

Oracle 12c is supported

  • Full connectivity and syntax support
  • Full support for data comparison
  • Full support for schema sync

Improved database object editors

  • Editable column grid in the table editor now allows adding and editing columns without opening the pop-up dialog
  • Full-text search in the column grid in the table editor is added
  • Schema changes can now be viewed before updating database
  • Editor layout was revised, and now it allows viewing designer and table SQL simultaneously
  • F7 shortcut can now be used to toggle all editor views
  • Heuristics is supported: data type of the new column is suggested basing on the column name. For example, for CUSTOMER_ID column NUMBER data type will be suggested, and for CHANGE_DATE column DATE data type will be suggested.

Optimized application work with Oracle server

  • Database Explorer works faster now
  • Database object editors work faster now
  • Metadata for code completion is described faster now

New code formatter

  • Format profiles are supported
  • Extended options for formatting different clauses are added
  • Preview window for viewing formatted code with support of code highlighting and editing is added

Extended code completion capabilities

  • Suggestion of JOIN statements is added
  • Extended Oracle grammar support is added
  • Context-specific suggestions are improved
  • Full support of suggestions and PL/SQL grammar with context consideration is added

Minor features

  • New window docking system is introduced. Switching between tool windows on CTRL+TAB is supported
  • Working with Oracle on Amazon RDS is possible now
  • New skins are added (Metropolis and VS2010)
  • Snapshot creation functionality is added to all product editions
  • Connection export to Import and Export settings wizard is added