Working with Results Grid Data

dbForge SQL Complete allows you to search, copy, and visualize data represented in the SSMS Results Grid.

Results Grid Data Visualizers

Data from the SSMS Results Grid may be viewed in Hexadecimal, Text, XML, HTML, Rich Text, PDF, JSON, Image, Spatial formats via the Data Viewer window.

To view a required value, right-click a cell with the value and select Show Data Viewer. The Data Viewer window opens displaying the value in one of the relevant formats.

For example, let’s visualize data from a varbinary field of the LargePhoto column of the AdventureWorks database. The Data Viewer displays it as an Image View.

Data Visualizer

Copy Data to XML, CSV, HTML, JSON to Clipboard or File

The data from a cell or an entire table can be copied from the Results Grid to the clipboard or file in any of the available formats.

To copy data, select a required portion of the grid, right-click it, select Copy Data As, then select the format you need and the place where to copy (To File… or To Clipboard).

Copy data to file

Grid Aggregates

Selecting two or more rows in one column or multiple columns of the same data type automatically opens the aggregate grid that displays calculations on the SSMS status bar.

Aggregates grid