Restoring Documents Sessions

SQL Complete allows you to reopen restore tabs of the last closed SSMS session. By default, this option is enabled and SQL Complete restores the documents of the latest SSMS session and SQL server connections, so you can quickly continue where you last worked.


This option is available only in SSMS and is not supported in Visual Studio.

Enable/disable documents restoration:

  1. Go to the SQL Complete menu, and then click Options.

  2. On the General tab, select or clear the Enable documents restoring option.

Options tab

Documents Sessions Window

  1. Go to the SQL Complete menu, and then click Documents Sessions.

    Documents Session

  2. The Documents Sessions window opens with a list of your recent sessions. Please note that if one of the sessions is running on another SSMS instance, you will not be able to activate it or perform any action with it in your current SSMS instance - it is disabled.

    Documents Session window

    • Double-click an SQL document to activate it.
    • Click the expand button next to a document session to see the list of documents opened in the session. When you hover over one of the documents, a hint will appear with backup time and data size details for this document.
    • Icon indicates a currently active session. Click to activate another available session to open all its tabs.
    • Click to delete a session.
    • Click to restore the deleted session.
    • Click to restore the deleted document(s). A hint shows you the documents to be restored.

Information on session

Restoring recently closed documents

SQL Complete can restore SQL documents that have been closed recently. For this, in the SQL Complete menu, point to Recently closed documents, and click the document you want to restore.

Restore Recetly Closed Document

Restoring last closed document

Closing all unmodified tabs

You can close all the tabs that were not edited to clear your SSMS editor. Right-click any tab caption and click Close All Unmodified.

Close All Unmodified