SQL Server Compact Edition

SDAC supports SQL Server Compact Edition. SQL Server Compact Edition is an easy to install server for using by applications that do not require multi-user work with server. For example, SQL Server Compact Edition can be used on the local computers if there is no permanent connection to the main database, for money access machines, automatic cash desks, different electronic facilities and so on. Please refer to SQL Server Compact Edition Books Online for more details about the features and usage of this server edition.

To work with SQL Server Compact Edition you should change the Provider property of the connection options to prCompact, or use the TMSCompactConnection component.

Database filename should be assigned to the Database property. If the file does not exists, it will be automatically created on the connection opening. The Password property is used to connect to or create a database.

Use the Encrypt option to specify if a database will be created or encrypted. If this option is set to True, the Password property must be assigned.

The TMSStoredProc component can not work with the SQL Server Compact Edition because this server edition does not support stored procedures.

Not all values of ObjectType property are supported by TMSMetaData component with the SQL Server Compact Edition.

Please refer to MSSQLCompact Demo to get a sample.

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