Migration from ADO

SDAC behaviour resembles the one of ADO as much as possible, so migration from ADO to SDAC shoulв not cause much difficulties. As far as possible, SDAC behaviour approaches to the behaviour of ADO, so this migration should not cause any serious difficulties.

It is necessary to note that ADO provides universal data access and, as many universal tools do, does not specialize on any. loses any specialized one. First of all, it affects performance. You can see Performance project from SDAC\Demos\Performance to find out yourself - ADO loses SDAC at different tests from 1.5 to 20 times. Besides, SDAC interface (run-time and design-time) is focused on working with specific features of SQL Server.

SDAC offers special Wizard to simplify the conversion of already existing projects. This Wizard replaces ADO-components in the specified project (dfm- and pas-files) to SDAC. ADO-components that will be replaced:

To run the Wizard select BDE/ADO Migration Wizard item in SDAC menu and follow the instructions. This Wizard is available only for Delphi IDE.

Note: Wizard serves only to simplify routine operations and after the conversion project might be uncompiled.

Below is a list of properties and methods which cannot be converted automatically. Here you can find hints for users to simplify manual replacement.



TADOQuery, TADODataSet



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